Pre and Post-Natal Yoga

Nurturing Motherhood: Empowering Your Journey through Prenatal and Postnatal

Embrace the Power of Yoga for Every Stage of Motherhood

At Healthy Pinch, we honor and support every phase of motherhood through specialized yoga programs tailored for the unique needs of each stage: prenatal and postnatal.

Prenatal Yoga: Our carefully crafted prenatal yoga sessions are designed to nurture both mother and baby. Gentle yet effective asanas, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods help alleviate discomfort, boost vitality, and prepare the body for childbirth.

Postnatal Yoga: After childbirth, our postnatal yoga sessions focus on rejuvenating the body and mind. We offer gentle exercises to regain strength, promote healing, and provide emotional support as you embrace the joys and challenges of new motherhood.

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Each Trimester (3 months plan)

INR 36,000

Each program is meticulously designed by our experienced instructors, who understand the unique needs and challenges faced during these phases. With a blend of asanas, breathing techniques, relaxation practices, and nurturing support, we aim to empower and guide you through this transformative journey.

At Healthy Pinch, our inclusive environment welcomes mothers-to-be, new mothers, and those aspiring to conceive. Join our supportive community and embark on a holistic wellness journey that nurtures not just your body but also your spirit.

Experience the transformative power of yoga at every stage of motherhood with Healthy Pinch. Contact us today to enroll in our specialized programs and embrace a journey of wellness, strength, and joyous motherhood.

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