Beyond CBD: Exploring the Health Benefits of CBG, CBN, and CBC

Beyond CBD: Exploring the Health Benefits of CBG, CBN, and CBC


The world of wellness has been enthralled by phytocannabinoids, and CBD in particular has been instrumental in revolutionizing how we view natural health therapies. However, did you realize that some potent cannabinoids are only now beginning to receive the acknowledgment they merit? Meet the upcoming prodigies in the phytocannabinoid family: CBG, CBN, and CBC. We go into great detail about their therapeutic uses and how they can improve your journey towards well-being in this article.

What are Phytocannabinoids?

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The cannabis plant naturally contains substances called phytocannabinoids. Though the most well-known are THC and CBD, there are more than 100 distinct phytocannabinoids, each with special qualities and possible health advantages.

Cannabigerol (CBG): The Mother of All Cannabinoids

Known as the “mother of all cannabinoids,” cannabidiol (CBG) is a non-psychoactive chemical that acts as a precursor to THC and CBD, among other cannabinoids. This is the reason CBG is making waves:

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: Studies indicate that CBG may be able to treat illnesses such as inflammatory bowel disease by considerably reducing inflammation.
  • Effects on Neuroprotection: Research suggests that CBG may shield nerve cells, which holds potential for treating neurodegenerative illnesses like Huntington’s disease.
  • Antibacterial Agent: CBG has demonstrated potent antibacterial qualities, especially against microorganisms resistant to antibiotics, like MRSA.

Cannabinol (CBN): The Sleep-Inducing Cannabinoid

Due to its sedative properties, CBN is becoming more and more well-liked among people who have trouble sleeping. What you should know is as follows:

  • Natural Sleep Aid: CBN gets its praise for its ability to promote sleep. It may work even better when paired with THC.
  • Pain Relief: According to research, CBN may also aid in the treatment of pain, offering comfort without getting users high.
  • Bone Health: Research suggests that CBN may activate stem cells to promote the formation of new bone.

Cannabichromene (CBC): The Mood Booster

A lesser-known cannabinoid called CBC has certain qualities that enhance its potential as a medicinal agent:

  • Anti-depressant Properties: By raising endocannabinoids in the brain, CBC may help improve mood and fight depression.
  • Pain and Inflammation: CBC has shown strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, much like CBG.
  • Skin Health: By lowering sebum production and having anti-inflammatory properties, CBC has demonstrated potential in the treatment of acne.

How to Incorporate These Phytocannabinoids into Your Wellness Routine

how to incorporate cbd in your wellness routine
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Many products are now on the market to assist you in incorporating CBG, CBN, and CBC into your daily routine, thanks to the increasing interest in these potent chemicals. Here are a few well-liked choices:

  • CBG Tinctures and Oils: Perfect for focused alleviation and general well-being assistance.
  • CBN Sleep Aids: Seek out tinctures or candies infused with CBN that are intended to enhance the quality of your sleep.
  • Products from CBC Skincare: Excellent for treating acne and fostering a clear complexion.

Choosing the Right CBD

Customers should exercise caution since CBD’s legal and regulatory status is still pending as of this writing. Almost 70% of the 84 CBD products that were reviewed in 2017 and marketed online made false claims about the amount of CBD they contained. While some had less than the name implied, others had more. THC was present in around 21% of the items. So how can you pick the best CBD product for your requirements? Let’s examine the important things to think about.

What to Look for in CBD Products

wat to look for in CBD products

Third-Party Testing

Reputable producers of CBD, like CV Sciences and Charlotte’s Web, put their label claims through independent testing. By doing this, it makes sure that the product’s contents and its label match. To confirm the composition and purity of the product, look for lab reports or certificates of analysis (COAs) from independent labs.

Organically Grown Hemp

Identifying hemp goods that are grown organically is also essential. Because hemp is a bioaccumulator, it draws pollutants and heavy metals from the soil. Concentrations of those poisons can occur in “medical” dosages of CBD. To avoid these impurities, be sure your CBD is derived from hemp that is farmed organically.

Delivery Methods and Dosage Control

Despite the abundance of CBD products on the market, which range from bath bombs to gummy bears, experts concur that using CBD as medicine is the best way to optimize its medicinal advantages. If a reliable supplier offers edibles, oral sprays, and capsules with clearly marked CBD concentrations, these are good choices.

The greatest dosage control is offered by sublingual tinctures, which come with droppers that allow you to adjust the dosage down to the milligram. Seek for CBD oil that is supplied in a healthy fat, like MCT or coconut oil.

Determining the Ideal Dose of CBD

“Like any medication, the secret to using CBD effectively is consistency and dosage,” advises Ivker, adding that figuring out the ideal quantity frequently necessitates some trial and error. Since clinical studies on CBD are still in their early stages, the majority of our knowledge regarding appropriate amounts comes from anecdotal evidence.

ideal dose of CBD
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From what we do know, even for similar symptoms and diseases, an effective dosage varies greatly from person to person. Konieczny advises documenting symptoms, dosage, delivery time and mode, and reaction.

Generally, professionals tell CBD consumers to “start low and go slow.” Moskowitz suggests starting at roughly 5 mg per day and keeping track of your symptoms. “Increase as necessary until your symptoms start to improve,” he advises.  “You can ease back off and use less as your symptoms start to improve.”

Cannabis products should not be consumed by women who are expecting or nursing, and people who are using prescription drugs should speak with their doctor to avoid any potentially dangerous drug interactions. When used in large quantities, CBD may interfere with a liver enzyme that controls the metabolism of several medications.

Cannabis products should not be consumed by women
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Overdose of CBD

However, low-to-moderate CBD dosages appear to be safe for most people. Though they may induce drowsiness, changes in appetite, and upset stomach, even high dosages of hundreds of milligrams don’t have the same hazards as many OTC and prescription medicines.

Overdoses that are poisonous or lethal are not known to have occurred. A thorough 2011 review of clinical studies on CBD and a 2017 follow-up supported its favorable safety profile for people, but they also pointed out that further study is required to fully understand the effects of long-term use.

An intriguing choice as a natural, plant-based treatment for a variety of ailments is CBD, which is safe and effective. However, before attempting anything, it’s crucial to speak with your healthcare provider.


The use of CBD as a natural treatment for a variety of illnesses has a great deal of promise. CBD offers a multifaceted approach to wellbeing, ranging from aiding gut health and cancer therapy to controlling pain and anxiety. To guarantee safe and efficient use, it is necessary to select the appropriate product, figure out the appropriate dosage, and speak with healthcare professionals.

Ready to learn more about CBD’s advantages? For the most recent information, research, and special offers, browse our selection of CBD products here.

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