7 Things To Do Immediately About Beard Growth

7 Things To Do Immediately About Beard Growth

Beard Growth is a trend. Men love to grow a beard in various styles to look cool. But wait! There comes a problem! And the problem is that every man doesn’t have decent beard growth.

Beard growth mostly depends on your genes, it is hereditary. You will have a beard more similar to your father, or your maternal grandfather. The so-called Beard Growth oils won’t help you either!

Why you should not consider Beard Growth Oil as the one-stop solution?

Because beard oil only works for those who already have a beard. By applying beard oil, you can’t start your beard growth. You can only increase the growth or you can fill those empty patches.

Beard Growth Oil helps in moisturizing, giving a smooth and shiny finish, etc.

So, one should not be dependent only on beard growth oils. Because these oils can help externally. And it won’t help if you have any internal reasons for slow or no beard growth especially, hormonal problems.

Less Beard Growth is a very common problem these days. Many youngsters face this problem. Even nowadays, men start losing hair at a very early age.

It happens because of internal factors such as poor nutrition and bad lifestyle habits. People have become addicted to foods like Pizza, burgers, Fries, and other junk foods. These foods create a disbalance in the levels of the hormones.

Low Testosterone (male growth hormone) levels also play a great role when it comes to beard growth. Furthermore, if your food propensities are awful, you will definitely suffer.

One can increase one’s beard growth by increasing his testosterone levels naturally. Let’s deep dive to know-how:

Take Proper Nutrition

हेअल्थी ईटिंग प्लेट से अपना २१ दिन में वज़न घटाए | जानिये ये बैलेंस्ड डाइट प्लेट को कैसे बनाये

Poor Nutrition impact hormones, so one should always have a balanced diet. Zinc, Vitamin D, and Fats help in the growth of testosterone levels.

Some of the Zinc Sources are Milk, mushrooms & Tuna

The best source of Vitamin D is Sunlight. One should spend some time in sunlight daily, preferably before 9 am. It helps in boosting your immunity levels too!

Other sources of Vitamin D are Kidney Beans, Eggs, Spinach, Garlic, Peanuts, Brown Rice & Flax Seeds.

Saturated Fatty acids (SFA) help in boosting your testosterone levels. But one should keep in mind that its daily recommendation is less than 20g. You can get SFA in Egg Yolks, Chicken, Coconut, and other Dairy products.

Exercise Daily

डेली वर्कआउट बदल के रख देगा आपकी ज़िन्दगी | आइये जाने रोज़ Exercise करने के फायदे | Healthy Pinch

Exercising helps in boosting testosterone in the body. When you exercise, your blood flow improves, which has a good impact on the testosterone hormone, and even the overall functioning of the body. One must exercise daily to see the wonderful effects.

Weight training of almost 30 minutes works wonders!

Sleep is very important

आइये जाने अच्छी नींद लेने के फायदे | Importance & Benefits of Sleep

Sleep is very essential when it comes to having balanced hormones. One should take 7.5 hrs of sleep daily. 

The normal sleeping cycle of a person is 1.5 hrs. And an ideal sleep consists of 5 sleeping cycles. So, you should make a routine and should sleep early by 10 pm.

Even, one should avoid gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, and computers before 1 hour of sleep. Because the blue light radiation emitted from those creates hindrance in sleep.

Stay away from Stress


One should try to be stress-free! As stress disbalances hormones gravely. 

At the point when an individual is in pressure, he/she discharges a hormone called cortisol which is an enemy of testosterone. You would be surprised to know that Testosterone is inversely proportional to Cortisol. So, you need to start releasing your stress to balance your testosterone.

You should perform some activities which will help you in dealing with stress. You can meditate, workout, or perform any hobby which will help you release the stress in a better way.

Get in Shape

weight loss

It is observed that people who are overweight, generally have low testosterone and high estrogen levels.

So, one should try to shed weight!

Avoid Alcohol & Tobacco


Alcohols increase estrogen (female hormone) levels in the body. 

Tobacco and Alcohol also cause many other lifestyle diseases. Tobacco comprises such a large number of toxic substances. They affect the body parts and can cause various types of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, lung problems, etc.

Say “NO” to Sugar

no to sugar

One should have control over consuming sugar and sugary foods. It is better if you avoid them completely.

Because the intake of sugar has a deep impact on testosterone levels. It is inversely proportional to testosterone. So, if you are consuming more sugar, your testosterone levels would gradually start to decrease.

Be careful with GMO Foods

The most important thing to take care of is that one should completely avoid taking GMO (Genetically Modified) foods.

The foods produced from organisms whose DNAs are changed using the method of Genetic Engineering to increase productivity are known as GMO Foods.

They increase estrogen levels and can cause man boobs.

Sources of GMO Foods that men should avoid are Soyabean, Corn, Papaya, and Salmon.

Natural Boosters that help increase your testosterone levels

Shilajit and Ashwagandha, the popular Ayurvedic medicines are found to be very helpful for increasing the male hormones naturally. You can take them as supplements daily!


So, one should understand that Beard Growth is very much dependent on your genetics.

But, a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, proper workout, quality sleep, staying away from stress, and avoiding alcohol, tobacco, GMO foods, and sugars can help in increasing your beard’s growth naturally.

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