9 FAQs About Jaggery Vs Sugar: Everything You Need to Know

9 FAQs About Jaggery Vs Sugar: Everything You Need to Know

There is always a debate between jaggery vs sugar. And so, there are multiple questions in people’s minds which I think should be addressed. So, let’s address all of those frequently asked questions about jaggery vs sugar.

Jaggery Vs Sugar: Frequently Asked Questions

jaggery vs sugar

Q1. Does jaggery help in weight loss?

Ans. Jaggery and Sugar if compared in the number of calories they have, is almost equal. So, jaggery will also give you the same amount of calories that your sugar gives you. And with the same amount of calories, you can never lose weight.

Q2. Jaggery Vs Sugar: Which is healthier?

Ans. Obviously, jaggery is healthier than sugar, because it is rich in various vitamins and minerals (such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Selenium, Manganese, and Zinc). On the other hand, sugar has no nutritional content in it. You should stop eating sugar to live a healthy life.

Q3. Why is sugar considered bad?

Ans. Sugar when eaten, gets absorbed instantly and a sudden spike in the insulin levels of the body occurs. As such, sugar is considered very bad for diabetic patients. Diabetic patients should stick to their diabetic diet and avoid sugar as much as possible. Whereas jaggery is absorbed slowly and thus, it prevents instant insulin spikes.

Q4. Why is jaggery considered medicine?

Ans. It is because it helps in curing many health disorders such as:

  • Cures dry cough and cough with sputum
  • Helps to heal indigestion issues
  • Also, treats constipation

Sometimes, jaggery is even called as medicinal sugar and thus considered as a medicine.

Q5. Does jaggery help in maintaining acid balance of the body?

Ans. Yes, it is because it contains potassium and sodium, which helps in maintaining the acid balance. Also, when jaggery taken with Saunth (dry ginger), helps in treating acidity and gastrointestinal issues.

Q6. Is jaggery helpful to get rid of migraine?

Ans. Yes, jaggery helps in getting rid of migraine headaches, so one should definitely consume it daily to avoid the painful migraine issues.

Q7. Is jaggery good for the lungs?

Ans. Ayurveda suggests that jaggery helps in treating several throat and lung infections. It actually helps to clear the windpipe too. And very beneficial for asthma patients.

Q8. According to Ayurveda, what exactly is achieved with the help of jaggery?

Ans. Ayurveda says that jaggery helps in balancing the Vata and Pitta dosha of the body.

Q9. Why do most people have jaggery or ‘gur’ after their meals?

Ans. Jaggery helps in the digestion process. Eating jaggery after meals fasten up the process of digesting the food. And it helps to avoid acidity too. Thus, people advise eating jaggery after meals.

Conclusion: Jaggery Vs Sugar

Jaggery is always considered the healthier option amongst the two because it is prepared using the natural process and not refined and process with chemicals as in the case of sugar. So, jaggery contains a lot of nutritional value in it. And as such Jaggery is always a sure shot winner!

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