9 Top Reasons You Should Exercise Daily

9 Top Reasons You Should Exercise Daily

Have you ever thought about why you get sick so frequently? Do you feel very weak and tired as the day ends? And now the final question, do you exercise daily?

Your answer would be a No!

And this I can guarantee because if your starting two answers are yes, no doubt, this would definitely be a no! Because a person who exercises daily is healthy and healthy people don’t fall sick so often. Rather they are very energetic and charged up the whole day!

So! got your answer?

The reason why you fall sick or why you get tired so easily, it’s because you don’t exercise daily. 

Exercise plays a very important role in our lives. It is the best medicine to prevent yourself from any disease. It keeps you fit and healthy.

Benefits of  Exercising Daily

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Let’s dig deep to understand the amazing benefits that exercise offers:

Makes you Feel Happier

Whenever you exercise, your body releases dopamine – the happy hormone. And that gives you immense happiness and you feel more good and confident about yourself. It really boosts your mood instantly.

Helps with Weight Loss

Exercising increases the metabolic rate of the body, which in turn helps to burn more calories than usual. As such it helps in the reduction of body weight. Especially cardio exercises are really helpful to lose weight.

Improves Sleep Quality

Workout increases your body temperature, as a form of recuperation, body temperature drops post-exercise helping you fall asleep. As such you get a very deep and sound sleep. Also, you should know that sleep is a necessity for your body, and there are numerous benefits of having a sound sleep.

Keeps your Skin Amazing

Whenever one exercise, he/she sweats a lot. And that sweating from exercise opens up pores of your skin. And releases built up toxins from inside. As such it helps to maintain clean, fresh and a shiny skin.

Improves your Mental Health & Mood

Exercising releases endorphins which help to release any kind of stress, tension, or anxiety. It also keeps your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as you age.

Reduce your Risk of Heart Diseases

Exercising daily keeps your heart fit and healthy. Researchers say that if you exercise on a regular basis for almost 150 minutes, your chances of falling trap diseases are lowered by 14%. So, exercising definitely minimizes the risk of getting any heart-related disease.

Helps your Body Manage Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

Whenever you exercise, your heart starts to beat faster. Because of this, the muscles of your body use more glucose present in your blood-stream. And because of that, it helps you to maintain your sugar levels in the body. So, if you want to stay away from diabetes once and for all, start exercising daily.

Strengthen your Bones and Muscles

Exercises such as walking, running, dancing, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs help to strengthen your bones and muscles. Even weight training helps to do the same.

Reduce your Risk of Some Cancers

Cancers are caused due to the formation of free radicals in the body. But, when we exercise, it helps to reduce inflammation from our body. And as such the free radicals are not formed and thus you stay away from cancer. Exercising also increases our immunity levels. It helps to fight infections.


Now, you know that it’s so much important for us to exercise daily. If you want to stay fit & healthy, and also want to stay away from diseases, start exercising daily!

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