Valuable Tips About Sleep That Will Change Your Life

Valuable Tips About Sleep That Will Change Your Life

Sleep plays a very important role in your health! Getting quality & healthy sleep is essential for survival. It is because sleep affects each and every organ of the human body.

It affects our brain, heart, mood, lungs, metabolism, immune system, disease resistance, etc.

Importance of Sleep

Sleeping is required for the repair and maintenance of your body. We need proper rest to get recharged. It also helps in restoring our energy levels.

An ideal sleep is of 7.5 hours which comprises 5 Sleep Cycles. 

Now, you must be wondering, what is this sleep cycle all about?

Don’t worry! I will cover it all for you!

Sleep Cycle Explained

Each sleep cycle has its own importance. One cycle is of 90 minutes each!

Let us find out what each cycle does to our body!

Cycle 1

This is the phase where your brain starts going to sleep.

Your muscle activity slows down. Also, you can wake up easily during this sleeping cycle, if any external disturbances are there in the environment.

Cycle 2

This is the time when basic regulatory maintenance takes place. And your body starts preparing for deep sleep. The body temperature starts to slow down and your heart rate also lowers down.

Cycle 3 & 4

The healing of the body starts here! It is termed as Physical Restorative Sleep.

Cycle 5

This is the time when mental restoration of your body takes place. It is also known as the REM (Rapid Eye Movement). Because your eyes start moving rapidly. This state of sleep is basically known as the dream state!

Waking up, remembering one of your dreams is a sign that you had a deep and sound sleep!

Hindrances to Having a Deep Sleep

Blue light can hamper your sleeping pattern. You need to stay away from blue light at least an hour before you doze off. So, if you are sleeping at 10 pm, you need to keep your mobile phones aside at 9 pm only. 

why is sleep important

Before sleeping, you need to give signals to your brain that the sleeping time is approaching. Switch off all the bright lights and make yourself comfortable in your bed.

Caffeine after 4 pm can hamper your sleeping pattern as well!

no caffeine before sleep

One should not consume tea or coffee or any caffeine products after 4 pm.

Best Way to Get Asleep

  • Set a schedule for going to bed and waking up. Maintain the timings.
  • A warm bath at night can give you the world’s best relaxing sleep.
  • Always try to rest on the left-hand side with your knees rolled up a bit.

Problems Caused Due to Lack of Sleep

अगर आप कम सोते है या आपकी नींद पूरी नहीं होती तो ये वीडियो ज़रूर देखे | Healthy Pinch
  • Lack of sleep can cause muscle reduction.
  • It increases fat levels in the body, and as such you start gaining weight. 
  • If you are sleeping less, you may suffer from serious problems such as heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.
  • It also causes Memory Loss. Lack of concentration and thinking ability also reduces.
  • Sleeping less can cause Aging, you will start getting wrinkles, the skin will become saggy. Dark circles under your eyes is a very common thing if you don’t get enough rest!
  • Your immune system will get badly affected. As everyone’s body gets repaired when we doze off. So, if you are not having enough rest, your body will never get healed, as such your WBC count will go down!
  • Sleeping less can also affect your hormones. You can have a complete imbalance of hormones in your body. And as such, you can fall prey to various diseases.

Benefits of Good Sleep

healthy sleeping
  • Each body part functions well. It is because when you have enough rest, the immunity of your body increases. Also, your body is capable of fighting back with infections.
  • You are productive for the whole day and not get easily tired! Your concentration powers also increase. Even your problem-solving skills are enhanced.
  • Dozing off reduces stress levels of a person as your brain gets time to restore. And as such, people having proper rest are found to be mentally fit.
  • Sleeping well helps in increasing a person’s creativity levels. Also, it makes you emotionally more strong!
  • Sleeping for almost 7.5 hours helps in maintaining your ideal weight. As when you take adequate sleep, your hormone levels are quite balanced which makes you fit and healthy.
  • It helps to lower your blood pressure and keeps you away from various lifestyle diseases.


One should give a proper amount of time to their body to heal! Everyone’s body is like a machine, it needs proper care and maintenance. So, one should sleep early, maintain a proper routine to stay fit and healthy!

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